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Yahoo offers the Daytona ‘framework’ to the community

Available in GitHub under Apache license, this framework for performance testing was created in its day with the intention of ending publishing it as open source.

Yahoo has decided to offer its Daytona framework to the community. This has been announced by the technology company, which has added that already its intention from the beginning.

“Daytona was built knowing we would like to publish it as open source and share technology with the community to validate and improve the framework,” said Yahoo, who hopes people will now “contribute to extending their use cases and making them suitable for An even broader set of applications and workloads. ”

Daytona is a framework that is oriented to performing performance analysis in an automated way. It is characterized by repeatable tests, standardized reports and integrated profile support. In addition, it is independent of the applications.

It is now available on GitHub under the Apache license. Yahoo has set itself the objective of integrating it with other tools, in order to meet the contributions received

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