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Google, IBM and Lyft launch Istio microservice platform

Istio is an open platform that allows you to create a network of deployed services and includes authentication and monitoring tools, among others.

Microservices – that is, large applications in small parts that communicate through APIs – are becoming the architectural style preferred by many developers. Aware of its boom, Google, IBM and Lyft have launched the Istio microservice platform.

Istio is an open platform that allows you to create a network of deployed services that includes tools such as authentication and monitoring services, among others. Its goal is to help DevOps developers and professionals manage and secure their applications based on microservices.

Essentially, Istio provides developers with a single service network with the services they need to implement the load balancing, flow control, and security policies they need to keep their applications running even if the network is unreliable, TechCrunch reports.

Istio also allows developers to authenticate and secure communications between different applications using a TLS connection, which means that the developer will not have to manage certificates.

At its core, Istio uses the delivery proxy developed by Lyft and its integrated services discovery and load balancing tools. The contribution of Google entails that initially the platform only supports the Kubernetes container service, although the plan is to support other environments in the future. Google also plans to bring Istio’s support to Cloud Endpoints and its APigee API management platform, which it acquired for $ 625 million last year.

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