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Dynamic show the benefits of Big Data for SMEs

With its goal set in SMEs, Tinámica wants to show the numerous advantages of the Big Data for this sector, apart from those already known in the majors.

Aware that SMEs have the Big Data as a great ally that could bring them many benefits, Tinámica wanted to present to this sector the many advantages to be gained from its use.

Among the many benefits that the Big Data brings to SMEs are the solutions ‘inmemory computing’, to improve the processing capacity immediately, smart storage solutions optimized, new ecosystems development as Hadoop, greater control of business analyzing data and also manages to customers in real time.

With ‘as a service’ solutions, investment of SMEs to make use of Big Data is minimal and can easily scale and thus optimizing their resources. According Tinámica, economic performance is a minimum 10% increase in the income, improve 30% and delinquencies x100 multiply the results.

It is clear that the Big Data, Data Science and Real Time Decision are something that SMEs should not be missed as it provides many benefits to this sector and to Tinámica is essential for these companies to prosper in a time in which should optimize the resources to stay afloat and grow.

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