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The Business of Big Data billed 187,000 million in 2019

The industries with greater opportunities are discrete manufacturing, banking and manufacturing processes.

Within the digital economy one of the most valued and sought after figures in the coming years will be to data analysts or data scientists. Thanks to them and to the advent of systems and sensors to measure and monitor all kinds of parameters, companies can better understand how to operate their businesses and optimize their processes.

Big Data is already touching all vertical, turning them forever. IDC expects revenue for big data and business analytics pass the 122,000 million obtained last year to more than 187,000 million in 2019, an increase of more than 50% during the forecast period 5 years.

Opportunities related services within data mining will account for more than half of all sales of this business. The software will be the second category. It is expected to bring more than 55,000 million dollars in revenue in 2019. Meanwhile, in the next four years the hardware will reach 28,000 million dollars in sales.

IDC expects the industry to further exploit this trend are discrete manufacturing (22,800 million in 2019), followed by banks (22,100 million) and manufacturing processes 16,400 million). In addition, there will be other four sectors that will generate increased income to 10,000 million: administration, professional services, telecommunications and retail.

On the other hand, large and very large organizations will be the main drivers of big data and business analytics. They lead a turnover of 140.000 million dollars in four years, while SMEs get a quarter of global revenue.

“Organizations are able to take advantage of the new generation of analytics solutions businesses can take advantage of the digital transformation to adapt to disruptive changes and create competitive differentiation in their markets,” says vice president of Analytics and Information Management IDC Dan Vesset. “These organizations not only automate existing processes, but they treat the data or information as they would any asset valued by using a focused development of extraction and the value and usefulness of the information approach,” adds .

Jessica Goepfert, program director of Comrpesi√≥n Client and Analytics, emphasizes that “there is no doubt that the big data and business analytics can have a significant impact on almost all industries.” The head shows that “organizations farsighted seize these trends to make better and faster decisions based on data.”

By region, more than half of the sales of this business will come from US The analyst firm estimates that the North American country will involve 98,000 million. Will follow in importance Western Europe and Asia / Pacific (excluding Japan). In any case, in the 5 years analyzed very rapid growth for Latin America, Middle East and Africa are expected.


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