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Microsoft SQL Server already runs on Linux

In a further step towards universality and its cross-platform strategy, Microsoft announced a version of SQL Server running on Linux.

The rivalry between Oracle and Microsoft to dominate the software industry for databases, and has spent several years, Oracle now being in first position with 40% share of the sector. But this could change soon, because Microsoft has decided to announce a new version of its popular SQL Server, compatible with Linux.

This new SQL Server for Linux, which is now available in preview release and it is expected to be officially available by mid-2017, presents a radical change from Microsoft’s strategy in the field of databases, because until now it was limited to its Windows operating system, and is a further step in its new approach to Windows and its most universal applications.

With 21.5% market share, thus expected to increase its presence in an industry that moves 30,000 million dollars worldwide, and also account with Oracle, with SAP as another of its major rivals break.

Clearly, offering one of its main tools for database also compatible with Linux, it is very important to try to expand its market share step, but to succeed they will have to convince users that by using Linux, are accustomed to a whole different ecosystem and will need some incentive to bet on the solution.

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