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ebra Technologies offers a platform for developing open source apps

Rhomobile, made up RhoConnect and RhoElements, has been released under MIT license to “make improvements to the platform.”

The development platform Rhomobile just received news. According to its makers have announced, will now be available in open source.

Used to create mobile applications, it has been released by Zebra Technologies under the MIT license. Rhomobile Suite consists of RhoConnect and RhoElements, to take on the performance and data synchronization quickly and to suit corporate needs from knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

“The Rhomobile platform has proven to be suitable for the development of multi-OS applications for both enterprise mobile devices, and consumer,” says Archana Khetan, vice president of product Enterprise Mobile Computing at Zebra Technologies.

“The open source release provides innovative technology to our partners and customers so they can make improvements to the platform,” says Khetan.

This manager also explained that “Mobility and Tau Kutir Technologies are experts who plan to offer subscription Rhomobile and application development for Rhomobile evolve into an industrial platform for enterprise mobility market.”

Developers should be able to include new features, fix bugs and use other operating systems on this platform.

It is important to distinguish between open source software, which has the feature mentioned to present its open source and free software (which can be downloaded and distributed free). There is no free software that provides access to the code (and therefore can not be considered as open source), and open source programs that are distributed commercially or require authorization to be modified.

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