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Open Source Business, basis for Digital Transformation

During the Enterprise Open Source Conference organized by Red Hat and Accenture Technology it has become clear that the market is ripe for the Open Source Business.

The second edition of the Enterprise Open Source Conference held this week to make clear that the Open Source Enterprise is the basis for solutions facto all the Digital Transformation. Who he says it is none other than Adam Plaza, managing director of Accenture Technology Iberia, also ensuring that “the world lives in a digital rotation that requires defining new architectures that are Open Source”.

Congress again held under the banner of Red Hat, a leading provider of enterprise open source, and managed to double figures. In particular they talked about 1700 people registered just over 400 companies. In addition, the Ibex 35 companies were represented twice. “The market is ripe,” said Santiago Madruga, Country Manager for Spain and Portugal Red Hat during a meeting with media accredited to the event. Still, much remains to tour, added the manager, pointing to a higher level of integration with proprietary systems, with hybrid architectures needed.

The aim of the event, also said Madruga, is to demonstrate “the impact of open source technologies in business” and that “open Source Enterprise is how to innovate with greater speed and efficiency.”

The Digital Transformation of so much talk, unable to pull the cart of IT spending, at least according to the latest data from Gartner. Adam Plaza for the data is of little importance because after all the Digital Transformation is also efficiency and lower cost. “When we turn from VMware to Red Hat the customer saves,” said the manager, also adding that it is a change in service delivery models and “traditional models are in crisis.” We are now at a point of balance between old and new, until the old begins to fall and the new do the opposite, grow, and at rates of between 30-35%.

During the questions she was also discussed transparency, which should have public institutions when speaking of providers and IT architectures that are being used; which should have in companies that provide code to the community and work with a group of selected partners. Accenture side, transparency is present in the form of company policies, is a regulated and audited transparency.

“That a software company can put out a government is abhorrent,” said Santiago Madruga. And on transparency, “Red Hat publishes all the code that develops,” there is little to say except that in the opinion of Madruga the citizens’ money should be invested in open as much code as the code becomes reverse in society .

“The development of cloud, big data, mobility, data center defined by software and many other trends, opens a window of opportunity for companies that want to differentiate themselves, or just be more effective at what they do,” he assured also the CEO of Red Hat in Spain and Portgal.

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