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Google beats Oracle in their dispute over Java

The last statement that Oracle wants to appeal, suggests that the use of Java in Android is protected provision of the law of copyright and this may set a precedent for other developers.

The jury of the open case between Google and Oracle has decided unanimously that the use of Java in Android is protected by the fair use provision of the law of copyright, which means that Oracle can not ask for 9,000 million dollars asks the Mountain View, although she was advanced to appeal the decision.

This news is important to many developers because it can serve as a precedent for other claims that Oracle can put companies for the use of Java in their systems.

As published few days ChannelBiz ago, in his speech at the trial, the CEO of Oracle, Safra Katz said the firm he leads not acquired Sun Microsystems in 2009 in order to launch a lawsuit to Google for terms of copyright but it was intended to protect their products based on the software Sun.

Oracle spokespeople claimed at trial that the Android operating system Google violated its copyright with the use of the Java programming language. While Google, one of the units of the Alphabet corporation said it should be able to use Java without paying a fee under the fair use provision of copyright.

In 2012, there was a similar ruling in the same case, but Oracle appealed, leaving unscathed, as published ChannelBiz. The Court of Appeals United States for the Federal Circuit in Washington, the institution responsible for ruling that Oracle had the copyright of programming interfaces Java application and conclusion revokes a court ruling June 2012 that said Google’s use of Java in Android did not infringe Oracle’s patents.

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