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Volkswagen chooses Mirantis and OpenStack against Red Hat

Given their need for cloud services and limitations found with public services that exist today, Volkswagen has decided to create a private service that will use OpenStack. Among the various companies who volunteered for this, Volkswagen reduced the list to two of them, Mirantis and Red Hat.

In the end, Volkswagen’s decision has been to opt for Mirantis, which becomes not only a great opportunity for this startup, but also in general for the sector open source in the cloud, this agreement gives a boost to OpenStack .

This open source project for the development of systems in the private cloud was created by NASA, Rackspace and other companies and organizations in response to the growth of AWS, and has led several startups and large companies like Red Hat, IBM, HP and Oracle interested in OpenStack, which according to Research 451 could reach a market of 2,500 million dollars in 2017.

Volkswagen has indicated that the selection of Mirantis has been for technical merit, the best results in a series of tests performed in parallel and simultaneously against Red Hat. Mirantis has achieved 220 million since it was founded in 2011, and its customers have AT & T, Ericsson, GAP and eBay.

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