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Verizon wants to take Yahoo

The US carrier Verizon is prepared to make an offer to buy Yahoo and adds part of its Japanese subsidiary to improve its position.

Yahoo is looking to sell, and several companies intend to seize it. Since we learned that the popular Internet search engine decided to take the alternative of selling, they have emerged several names of possible candidates to buy the company, including Verizon.

Google, Microsoft and Time Inc are some of the names that have sounded to buy it, but in many cases it was rumors and speculation, with little concrete data. In this case, Bloomberg says Verizon’s offer could be announced next week.

In this first offer from the US carrier, will raise the purchase the core business of Yahoo and 35.5% stake in its Japanese subsidiary, which a few years ago decided to go its own way and has managed to stay in the land of the rising Sun with more success than Yahoo globally.

With this purchase, the position of CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, would be quite damaged, since Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam said on television that attach the assets of Yahoo and AOL under the leadership of CEO of AOL, Tim Armstrong it would be best for investors.

On the other hand, an offer by Google is also expected, while trying to convince Marissa Mayer on his own several investors to buy the company maintaining his position as CEO.


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