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They advertise a free subscription to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer

Shortly announce that it has achieved over 2,000 million dollars in annual revenue, Red Hat has decided to expand the resources offered to application developers.

From now on, they can access a free subscription to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the company Red Hat delivered as a part of its Red Hat Developer Program. This is Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite, which delivers from the latest version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server development tools are updated frequently and others that have long-term, OpenJDK, PHP, Python or Ruby type support.

The goal of Red Hat is enabling them to create and make mission-critical deployments either in the cloud, with physical, virtual or containers infrastructures. “The Red Hat Developer Program exists to give developers greater access to our technology and help them succeed with Red Hat products,” says Harry Mower, senior director of Developer Tools & Marketing in this company.

In the Red Hat Developer Program now there is Red Hat JBoss Middleware as a free subscription. Thus, “with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat JBoss Middleware available through no cost program,” says Mower, “developers can more easily use our technology to initiate projects and explore solutions with the confidence that the tools and platform choose development will be supported in production, without carrying or incompatibility problems. ”

Of course, it should be noted that this type of newly incorporated Red Hat subscriptions only serve to local issues. Applications for production that would force itself have paid subscriptions.


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