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Red Hat: “The open source business evolves into layers closer to the business”

During the Enterprise Open Source Conference this week was held in Madrid, we have had the opportunity to speak with Santiago Madruga, Country Manager of Red Hat for Spain and Portugal, which has not only told us what developments have been seen in this second edition but what is the Open Source market situation in Spain, what difference to the Open Source Business or what is being the evolution of OpenStack, a project in which Red Hat is very committed.

Santiago Madruga if before the open source was more linked to infrastructure, its presence is felt closer business. Technologies open source business have become in the management opinion, it is “a business standard”

About Open Stack says it’s one of the things that excites them, “giving the ability to create an internal cloud and automate computing, networking and storage in a relatively simple manner”, also providing tools to connect those cloud internal with public clouds.

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