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IBM presents the most powerful mainframe history

Big Blue says the new IBM zEnterprise EC12 improves performance by 25% and 50% the capacity of its predecessor.

After five decades, the IBM mainframe continues to break records. Far from disappearing, the platform maintains a high degree of innovation and development, which has enabled many companies to meet the growing needs of process reliability and availability within their business.

The latest model generation mainframe zEnteprise announced today. This is the EC12 series, a system that Big Blue claims to offer significant improvements over its predecessor. “This new server improves performance by 25% and 50% capacity when compared with our previous system.”

The IBM zEC12 is the result of an investment of over 1,000 million dollars in research laboratories Development technology group Big Blue. It incorporates the latest 5.5 GHz chips, although they have also added important safety features that make it virtually impregnable against any kind of attacks and other problems. For example, it has been included Express4S Crypto coprocessor which handles all transactions and encrypt sensitive data.

It has also been optimized to improve performance up to 30% during complex operations data analysis. Largely it has been achieved by incorporating IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator and hardware from Netezza, both specialized parts in the management and processing of large volumes of data.

For the first time, IBM has decided to use the Flash Express technology, which means that include storage units in solid state to locate the data and applications most used.

Another notable feature is that the IBM zEC12 is able to allow consolidation in the same machine hundreds of virtualized systems based on Linux, which will help customers not only in economic matters (improving ROI), but also to save in physical space within the facility. “This is a true cross-platform data center in a single system”, explain those responsible.

It is an approach that had been announced just over one year. IBM already offered the possibility of integrating workloads on mainframe, POWER7 and System x. With the advent of the new system and under zEnterprise Unified Resource Management, this interoperability can be managed from the same virtualized system.

These and other features are complemented by new software solutions designed for the mainframe that can be purchased in a bundled platform. This is the case of IBM Intelligent Operations Center, IBM Health Plan Integration Hub, IBM Smarter Analytics, IBM Genelco Insurance Administration Solution …

To facilitate the upgrade to zEC12 mainframe, IBM offers new support service for configuration and migration and special conditions of financing through IBM Global Financing (IGF).


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