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IBM buys Ustream to increase its portfolio of cloud services

IBM is betting on new business areas that allow them to increase their income and this time has carried out the purchase of streaming service Ustream live or on demand, a move that will help improve its product offerings in the cloud.

With this acquisition IBM will strengthen its new Video Services unit in the Cloud, a key area for the company in its strategy to offer products in the cloud with an entrepreneurial approach.

As for the money behind the operation, it has not been officially made public the amount paid by IBM to buy Ustream, but Fortune venture a purchase price of about $ 130 million.

For IBM operation will also be important from the point of view of gaining new customers because Ustream has an average of 80 million viewers who use the platform to consume online video streaming.

Also, remember that illustrious list of clients includes major companies such as Ustream Facebook and Samsung, and organizations such as NASA.

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