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Dell working on an open source operating system for networking field

The Texas company wants to position itself in the field of operating systems for networks with open source platform.

Networks division Dell has unveiled the outlines of its new platform open source Operating System 10 (OS10), who wants to become a reference in the field of data centers today.

As they have done before rivals like Cisco, Juniper, and Brocade Arista, Dell’s proposal involves offering its networking software to hardware separately.

As reported in ZDNet, more and more companies prefer to opt for open platforms, because that way can easily change the infrastructure and sellers.

The OS10 base module operates on a free version of Linux that has the Switch Abstraction Interface specification developed by the Open Compute Project.

Moreover, it has been revealed that the new Dell networking platform is designed thinking of large-scale data centers, reported in ZDNet.

Since the company Michael Dell also indicate that aspire to OS10 is compatible with Linux Native, open source applications and third.

Potential users of Dell mentioned OS10 network operators and DevOps teams seeking an operating system that allows them to manage servers, storage and networks.

Dell finally have reported that the base module OS10 begin shipping in March, and modules for additional applications will enter beta phase after that date.

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