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Cisco buys Synata to enhance Spark

In addition to the acquisition, Cisco has created a fund to draw the attention of developers who have new ideas for the search Spark.

Cisco announced the acquisition of the company Synata, with which aims to improve the search capabilities of its Spark tool. As explained from the company, Synata offers technology that allows companies to search their premises and cloud-based applications from a single location.

In addition, Cisco has created a fund amounting to 150 million dollars, which aims to generate ideas for the ecosystem. Cisco said it wants developers to bring their ideas to this fund, which will cover direct investment, joint development, additional enhancements and support for developers.

This acquisition, the assets will join Cisco technology, joins other purchases made by the software company recently, among which, Assemblage, Acano Ltd. and Tropo LLC.

Cisco offers Spark for companies to connect to their customers through multiple media and technology Synata be added to its search capabilities, according to Rowan Trollope, general manager of collaborative units Cisco’s blog the company. Meanwhile, Synata development stopped and closed all its services on March 6. The acquired firm explained its customers that all search indexes have been removed safely.

At the moment, this full service is only available in the United States. From the company they say that service includes three components: messages, meetings and calls. Message utilities and meeting are available in 30 countries.

In addition, a number of suppliers and partners around the world are working to create reports based on Cisco Spark, including Verizon, Dimension Data, Unified Communications Services and West IntelePeer services.

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