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What look to lose the fear of change hosting?

When you start a project on the web, such as a blog, web, shop or portal ad, there are two moments that I think are key. The first is clear, what web hosting choose a shared or dedicated server. If the project begins and requirements are not very high, perhaps a shared server is the most economical proposal.

The problem comes when the size of the project continues to grow and grow. Over the years, for instance, Ubuntizando has risen to more than 20GB of space and serve thousands of pages a day and although it may not seem starts to be a problem.

Many providers have limits on their cheapest fares that can drown any project if not look with magnifying everything they offer. And when you start stringing 500 error after another. That’s when the second big question arises. Do I upgrade or not to migrate? What problems can occur? Will the new hosting will have good support? Do I go with the shared server or invest a little more on a dedicated server? How secure? And if instead of using Joomla WordPress Does the service will know what I mean? Let my language?

At the end the biggest trap for your project can be custom. I mean, many people keep their contract in the old hosting provider for fear of their migration, either by the downtime of the website or they can lose to switch to another provider. It has just developed as a sort of Stockholm syndrome but applied to our hosting company. It is a complicated decision, luckily some providers put it a little easier.

Siteground Spain is a hosting service provider founded in 2004. It currently has 350,000 registered domains and server farms on three continents. Has good prices, they are not overly expensive and their offerings fit most customers. Besides just opened an office in Madrid so they offer technical service care Castilian.

Interested in their products I contacted his spotlight. Quite fast, since I started chatting just 30 seconds elapsed until I could talk to a technician and conversation could draw some conclusions.

The service consists of professionals who exude passion for their work. I mean, no standardized answers. The deal is very close and is not yet a customer have tried to solve my doubts.

For example. A site that works with WordPress has the problem that a plugin not updated or misconfigured you can bring down site performance every time. Modern versions of WordPress automatically updated. But this function excludes plugins, so each update might be a Russian roulette. Siteground Spain solves this by adding an automatic update service.

During the migration process is taken care of through a comprehensive monitoring regardless of the size of your current website and ensuring that everything works on their servers before the change. It is also a migration service (web) access. 🙂

The truth is that I have almost convinced. Besides its hosting and cloud services are based on Linux, as has become customary, and can be adapted to the needs we have.

To make matters worse, finally pushing me to decide, they have a promotional offer which give away a year of free hosting to hire web hosting service. Which is a very tempting offer, even when triggered by limited time and being less than seven days for completion.


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