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VPS or Dedicated server, how to make the right choice

VPS or Dedicated Server does, what is the best choice for my needs? This is the key question that many users make when choosing a web hosting for your project; the first thing is to define each of the two technologies:


A dedicated server is when a customer rents a physical machine from a hosting provider such as Red Coruna dedicated servers. Based on the plans of hosting providers, the customer is usually able to customize the server hardware to meet your specific needs. This is possible because it is the only user of the hardware and has access to all resources on the server.

VPS or Virtual Private Server

A virtual private server is a facility that shares space in the server hardware with other facilities, such as shared hosting, but has allocated own resources, as you can see in the hosting vps Red Coruna, which allow flexibility and scalability when necessary.

If it has not been clear enough, or to the layman, we could explain it as follows:

The Shared Server is as if you are staying in a house with a family, you own a room, but share the bathroom, kitchen, etc.
With VPS Server, you live in the same house, but the room is bigger, even has its own bathroom, you have a microwave to heat food and a good lock on the door of the room.
In the Dedicated Server are the owner of the house and not share it with anyone, but well, that is up to you.


In terms of costs, VPS hosting can be bought for a price much lower than dedicated hosting. It should be noted that VPS is one of the most versatile types of accommodation with prices that can range from 20-100 euros per month. Dedicated hosting on the other hand, is generally more expensive and the price is less flexible, usually around 200 euros per month minimum.


But has no problem with cost, a dedicated server is ideal for privacy, a good application performance and network stability, which will satisfy all your needs.

As mentioned above scalability is one of the reasons for choosing the VPS, in fact most of the time the use of these servers has to do with the increase in traffic, that is, there are many views on the website, which translates into more transfer and need to manage this important resource independently.


Both VPS and dedicated servers offer a great deal of customization and flexibility when choosing an operating system, which are usually Linux and Windows. However, the dedicated server tends to offer more variation with Linux (CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu) and Windows (2003 or 2008 server). Regardless of the hosting solution you choose, you can also choose the amount of RAM, bandwidth, disk space and CPU you need, but the offer is lower for VPS, especially if you are trying to stay within a budget .


Depending on your needs, your computing experience and your budget, you must define whether to use a managed or unmanaged server. With the unmanaged server, the system configuration is on your own. The support of your hosting company will help solve some minor problems, but most run of their own. With the managed server instead, you can ask your hosting company to do some maintenance, backups, technical support, application installation, etc.

In conclusion, if you are a large company that has one or more sites traffic that require 2 GB or more of RAM, 5 TB or more bandwidth, 250 GB or more storage capacity and is prepared to handle the maintenance, responsibility and has a large budget, then the dedicated server is the best option. However, if the cost savings and scalability of the project bonus, we decantaríamos by the VPS server.

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