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There will be a version of Microsoft SQL Server for Linux

Although the final version will not hit the market until the middle of next year a preview is already available.

Microsoft is determined to take steps, and more steps closer towards the open source world with which has not always been very close. One of his latest ads so certify. And it is that the Redmond company will SQL Server to Linux.

Although this will not happen definitively until mid-2017, as a private preview of new version of the database management system relational database Microsoft no longer available. A version that promises to provide users with greater flexibility.

The ad is relevant at the turn it implies in the historical strategy of Microsoft. “This is a hugely important decision”, assesses Al Gillen, group vice president of IDC enterprise infrastructure that will allow Microsoft to “provide their database well known and trusted to a wider set of customers. By bringing this key product to Linux, Microsoft is demonstrating its commitment to being a provider of cross-platform solutions. ”

In the end, is given to “capacity customers choice” and “concerns about the trade monopoly,” stresses Gillen subside. “It is hoped that this will also accelerate the widespread adoption of SQL Server”. We will have to wait and see.


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