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Red Hat releases a new version of the framework with emphasis on automation

Open Source company Red Hat has announced the availability of the new version of its framework, Ansible 2.0.

Among the new features include improvements in stability, new automation capabilities and new integrations, resulting in greater ease of use and simplicity for developers of IT organizations of any court.

The implementation of the new version of Ansible is “easier than ever,” they stand out from the firm, a feature that has been possible thanks to the enormous dynamism of the developer community.

Specifically, innovation has been made possible by 2,000 contributors to repositories on GitHub signature and the more than 200 contributors to the new version of the framework that have joined since the launch of the previous version.

This diversity and the large number of contributions allow Ansible be able to respond to almost any requirement of IT organizations.

The enhancements facilitate the development of playbooks and tasks, identifying errors, greater flexibility on tasks that simplifies the reuse of content automation and provide configurations via plugins records playbook information services such as email or chat.

In addition, new modes increase execution speed deployments across multiple computers.

The enhanced framework includes a total of 200 new modules designed to automate more processes than ever with covering public, private and hybrid accommodate Windows, containers and Networking clouds.

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