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Oracle: “The cloud democratizes access to cutting-edge technology”

Interview with Oriol Farré, director of presales Oracle EPM applications Iberia, on the challenges and opportunities faced by financial departments in full digital transformation.

The digital transformation is a challenge that must take the different members of businesses, including financial departments. To address this issue, since the role of the CFO to the advantages of a phenomenon like cloud computing to save costs and streamline business processes, our editorial director, Pablo Fernandez, interviewed director presale EPM applications in Oracle Iberia, Oriol Farré. He believes there is still work to be done. “In the financial departments there is clear room for improvement” values, providing a pair of data attest. Today “3 out of 4 CFOs are unhappy with their transactional systems” because it is not easy “to extract information to support decision-making, because the ERP does not provide the innovation required by the business in this era of digital transformation pressing and, thirdly, because it facilitates collaboration with other business areas. ” But also, “76% of the financial departments use spreadsheets to support the planning and budgeting”, which “has serious blunders in budgeting” and a “loss of business opportunities by the misallocation of economic and financial “resources.

What can we expect of the CFO of the future? Modifying business models and adopt disruptive technologies like “cloud, Big Data, mobility, analytics [or] the Internet of Things,” said Oriol Farré. In fact, half of these managers already are clear that their role has “evolved, specifically the areas of data management and access to information technology.” To help them in their tasks, Oracle not only be leading to large corporations, but also small and medium enterprises with cloud computing offering. And is that “the cloud democratizes access to cutting-edge technology,” says Farré, since it does not require “early innovations, which are an entry barrier to technology. This enables companies of all sizes have access to the same technology, the same technology advances ”. The director of presales Oracle EPM applications Iberia recalls that “the cloud is a disruptive technology,” which represents “an opportunity of access to innovation for all companies. First, for purely economic and financial aspect. That is, the cloud does not require an initial investment for any innovation project, can divert funds CAPEX to OPEX aspect, which is an advantage. ” A larger, “allows companies to keep pace with innovation.”

For our interview, “the implementation of new business models requires the adoption of new technologies, without the cloud paradigm would not be possible.” And what good would that security is controlled. “Oracle Cloud is absolutely safe, we say it is safer than any data center of any of our customers. This is so precisely that aspect of eliminating barriers to access to technology, “says Farré. “The investment made in their data centers Oracle cloud is very significant. We are the leading supplier of cloud services in the world. In fact, most of our competitors cloud services use Oracle technology for its own cloud. I think this gives an idea of the degree of safety and technological advances that have the Oracle cloud services. ” And sentence: “There is absolutely no security risk in the cloud Oracle”. An additional value is the rapprochement between departments. “Facilitate decision making is carried collaboratively between people from different areas,” said the representative of Oracle, “enriched”. And ‘the cloud just one of the great best it brings, “he says, is to be a” catalyst for business processes “just” one of the most criticized aspects in traditional on-premise solutions. “

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