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Nominalia offers dedicated servers

The hosting service provider, Nominalia, has just introduced a new range of dedicated servers. The company claims that these servers provide more options for users, with a range segmented according to their needs and at more competitive rates.

Explains David Costa, Country Manager of Nominalia: “Dedicated servers are a clear advantage over shared servers because there are machines for the exclusive use of the client, in which the performance is not affected by the work of other users.” “in addition, dedicated servers allow you to set configuration parameters, performance and customized security with full autonomy, since no resources are shared with others.”

A Xeon 4 cores and 8 GB of RAM for 25 euros per month

Among other developments, Nominalia has included a new server model within its core range, the DS 4.3.1, Lenovo Thikserve chassis 140, Intel Xeon 4-core processor, 8 GB of DDR3 RAM (expandable to 16 GB DDR3) and two hard drives of 1TB each. This new server can be hired for 25 euros + VAT per month, representing a price reduction of 56% compared to the most economical option that the company was offering so far. The DS 4.3.1 adds to the two Dell servers that are part of the most competitive segment in price Nominalia: the Dell DS 3.0, which can be hired for 35 euros per month + VAT (with a discount of 38% on its previous rate), and Dell DS 3.1.
The company completes its catalog with three other models dedicated higher performance and better performance for users with more advanced needs, the Dell DS 6.1, the Dell Dell DS 6.5.1 and 6.6 servers. The latter has the most powerful configuration with two Intel Xeon processors and 16 cores, 64 GB DDR4 RAM (expandable to 192 GB DDR4) and four 1TB hard drives (expandable to 8 2TB hard drives).

New control panels

Nominalia also offers users a wide range of control panels, according to the server, able to adapt to all the needs of users and easy to install. In addition, the company has also updated and lowered their prices and now Plesk in his version ‘Admin’ (up to 10 domains) is free and is integrated across all servers. Meanwhile, the ‘Pro’ (30 domains) version reduces its price by more than 50% and only 4 passes cost € / month and the ‘Host’ (unlimited domains) receives a rebate of 22%. Supply switchboards company complete with cPanel. Meanwhile, it offers users the Windows 2012 ‘Standard Edition’ and ‘Datacenter Edition’ operating systems, which ‘RDS’ will be added soon.

It also explains that Nominalia has an advisory service to help users choose the most suitable dedicated server for your business and a technical support team that always guarantees optimum server performance. The servers offer complete with its private virtual servers and VPS Cloud VPS. The former are aimed at customers who need guarantees of reliability and scalability of resources, they have technologies from companies such as Dell, Cisco and NetApp, and are characterized by being highly customizable. For its part, the VPS servers with Nominalia SSDs are designed for users who want to have a first contact with this type of solutions or simply looking for a price as low as possible.

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