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Microsoft Azure Backup drives so that SMEs can secure your data with minimal investment

Microsoft has always placed great importance to the growth of external companies, since their growth and use of their services directly benefits the boys from Redmond. This time, the Americans available to all companies who have purchased Windows Server 2012 a promotion that allows them to try Azure Backup free for one month.

Support SMEs through their growth

Azure Backup helps any organization to safeguard their data and applications regardless of where you have stored, whether on servers, clients, virtual machine infrastructure as a service (IaaS) or Azure cloud. In addition, the backup can protect critical applications, such as SharePoint, Exchange and SQL Server. This service, which offers a guaranteed availability of 99.99%, 100GB of storage, geographical replication and incremental backups, puts a unified solution for local data protection and cloud within reach of companies.

Backup Azure model as cloud service allows small and medium enterprises invest only in the services they really need and use, without making an initial investment that would form an obstacle to their business. That way they can all enjoy the same tools as a large multinational company, but paying only for the time and services actually used.

Data protection and compliance with the law

All Spanish companies must ensure the protection of your data in compliance with current legislation. Using Microsoft services such as Office 365, Azure and Dynamics CRM has the guarantee of the Spanish Association of Data Protection as critical as the international transfer and data protection aspects third.

Similarly, the integration of all products enables companies experience resulting in improved productivity. A clear example is Microsoft Dynamics, a suite of professional tools that provides a suitable business solution for each customer, from managing customer relationships (CRM) to enterprise resource planning (ERP). The integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online allows SMEs to establish commitments with its customers personalized, proactive and predictive, generating new experiences sales, service and marketing in real time.

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