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Kinetic Open Storage, allying platform to Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital

Seeking a more effective network storage solution, the leading manufacturers of HDDs have teamed up to develop Kinetic Open Storage, an open source platform that will collaborate with other companies through Linux Foundation.

If we talk about Open Storage Kinetic probably remember a development platform for network storage Seagate launched a couple of years ago. Now, in order to keep working on it and look for an open source solution for this type of storage, Seagate has decided to ally themselves with rivals Toshiba and Western Digital.

The idea with Kinetic Open Storage is the leading manufacturer of HDDs, Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital, collaborate for the development of an open source hardware system that facilitates storage systems object-oriented network.

But Kinetic Open Storage joins not only hardware manufacturers, software developers also and network solutions such as Cisco, Cleversafe, Dell, DigitalSense, NetApp vStorage Open, Red Hat and Scality. They all work together through Linux Foundation.

Despite being rivals, the development of a common platform open source is something that benefits everyone and allows join forces in the common development of the bases of the same, and then compete in the hardware and the management tools same.

The idea is that Kinetic Open Storage will become the standard with the support of the leading manufacturers and companies, and that being open source no incompatibilities or obstacles to development occur. Thanks to being a collaborative project Linux Foundation, its implementation is expected to cost much less and little later extended as a standard platform.

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