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Hosting for moodle

How to hire a hosting for moodle? It is one of the common questions from businesses or individuals who offer their services for e-learning. It is then that educational institutions or companies that are in this sector, and which are implementing the Moodle platform, are looking for a hosting that can meet all the ability to offer their virtual courses without the student has no problem connect.

We know that the Moodle platform can support only a little over 100 students simultaneously connected, infrastructure constraints. For this reason, it is necessary for a specific server so that it can have the necessary resources such as database, MySql, PHP, unlimited broadband and more. There are several providers that can be contracted in the plans, then mention some.

Hosting moodle and their types

Before jumping to hire the hosting provider it is recommended to take into account the capacity or space needed to teach online courses. It is not only students will be connected simultaneously but also uploaded and downloaded files, such as videos, Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint and more files. Also, the teacher will also move files. Therefore it will be essential to estimate how many GBs may be needed for the hosting moodle.

Shared Hosting | The cheapest option

This is a basic hosting, which is usually cheaper for those who are just beginning, but it is noteworthy that this is only one server that offers limited space that reaches the 2G capacity (depends on the provider that you hire) . So if accounts with several students, is not recommended because its maximum 7 students can be accepted online. This capacity is exceeded, the moodle platform will no longer work properly, ie that the web never appear for students.

Hosting VPS | When you need more power

It is a virtual private server, which would be the most recommended because it is wider and accepts a better capacity of active students, here can upload and download files without any problem, both students and teachers. Proving this type of hosting one can say that accepts up to more than 130 users online simultaneously optimized sites. It also offers the possibility to expand the capacity of the server, if students are increasing or want to dictate other courses.

Dedicated Server | For professional and high traffic flow

If accounts with many students who will connect to the platforms and different courses that will dictate, it is recommended to hire dedicated hosting, because it will be an exclusive for you server. One of the best advantages of this type of hosting is support for hundreds of students can be connected simultaneously. In addition, it is one of the solutions to all businesses or educational institutions such as schools, universities, colleges and other online courses that dictate.

Now that you have knowledge about the types of hosting for moodle, you must take into account the capacity of files and students who have so you can not come any inconvenience, and everyone can be satisfied.

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