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Dedicated servers

Many online and professional projects require the highest level of performance and customization in their hosting environments. In these cases dedicated servers become the best alternative, but what to choose? When is a better option than other alternatives? We will reveal the keys to hit the right choice.

Until a few years ago to ask to hire a hosting service had two options: or opt for a shared hosting, where one server was shared by many customers (sometimes hundreds), or a dedicated server, where we could have all the power one machine entirely devoted to our project.

Instead, today the offer is infinitely wider. On the one hand, classical shared accommodations have evolved in most providers to Cloud environments where server clusters provide service to all customers.

With this, providers can dynamically meet the processing needs of shared environments, and even prioritize resources among more quality plans and personal use of low cost. Furthermore, we have a great cast of dedicated solutions (VPS, Cloud, managed, etc.) we must know and take into account to make a wise decision.

When do we need a dedicated server?

The answer to this question is not always easy, but there are two key factors: level of performance and customization needs. In general, to manage online projects that require a very high traffic or processing capacity (eg for large databases) volume, the ideal option is to hire a dedicated solution that allows us to guarantee a controlled environment where resources only be ours, and not depend on other factors. The second option, also very common, is that we need custom features or settings for our projects offers us a shared environment.


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