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Dedicated Servers: Dedicated solutions available

Knowing this, reaches the point of choosing the solution that best fits dedicated to us. Let’s review the solutions that today we can offer any great hosting provider, with its advantages and disadvantages but, being in all cases, environments dedicated just for us. So we’ve been based products 1 & 1, one of the largest hosting providers in Europe and offers almost all possible dedicated solutions available on the market:

1) Virtual Servers:

They are commonly called VPS (Virtual Private Server), and are only running virtual machines through a hypervisor such as VMware ESX, Xen (free) or Microsoft Hyper-V. In these cases, a real server performs simultaneously a number of virtual machines on a single real hardware.

The most interesting advantage of VPS is that they offer very competitive prices, which start from 5-10 € / month for the simplest versions. The main problem is that when running on the same hardware multiple VPS, much to guarantee us a certain amount of RAM or CPU cycles, as our VPS is on a real-very overloaded machine or “neighbors” to squeeze their resources , it is usual that we are highly variable level of performance.

Therefore, they are basically recommended as experimentation and testing environments or for small projects that require the benefits of a dedicated, but do not require high performance or guarantee resource availability.

2) Cloud Server:
It is a version of the above, but with very important advantages. In this case it is also a virtual machine, but executed on a cluster mounted servers Cloud. This means that the workload is distributed among multiple machines that manage resources centrally and storage systems generally associated with high performance.

The main advantage is that in a Cloud resources are really guaranteed, maximum reliability (the drop of a server does the Cloud comes down) and especially the expansion possibilities: we can create new Cloud servers very easily, or resize the CPU / RAM / Disk we already have in a matter of minutes. This makes dimensioning can cash them (both up and down) according to our needs, adjusting the cost of the environment to our reality. Thus, in times of peak demand we will have a huge amount of resources and pay in line, and time of minimum activity to reduce these resources and save money.

Starting cost is generally higher, but we have one from about 30 € / month, a figure that amply compensates if we consider its possibilities.

3) Dedicated Servers:
Here we talked about real machines exclusively assigned to us, so the solution would be dedicated “pure”. Providers like 1 & 1 we can get hold of one simple from 20-30 € / month, so the cost is not a problem. Its main advantage is that we can do exactly the same as with any server we had at our table: install any operating system, and provide 100% hardware to ourselves.

Now, as we mentioned before, we have to manage and maintain the machine entirely, updates, backups and deal with properly functioning. Therefore, if the technical subject is not a barrier for us, a dedicated server is the best solution to get the most performance for less money or put into production projects where a high level of customization required.

Of course, as we happen on VPS, if we need more resources or increase aspects like RAM or storage capacity, we will have to migrate to a new machine with a more powerful configuration.


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