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CommVault IntelliSnap for NetApp now available

Announced a month ago, the new solution is offered as a replacement for NetApp SnapProtect and promises to accelerate and simplify data protection and recovery NetApp customers.

CommVault management company information and data protection, announces the availability of a new snapshot management solution for NetApp customers. It is CommVault IntelliSnap for NetApp, which promises to “accelerate and simplify data protection and recovery” to customers of the storage company.

NetApp CommVault IntelliSnap replaces the NetApp SnapProtect solution, enabling adopt the full range of data protection solutions CommVault and transfer responsibility for the deployed to support the latter solution.

With CommVault IntelliSnap for NetApp snapshot management is simplified NetApp booths critical business applications, allowing full recovery of applications while the need for manual processes or complete scripts is removed. The solution, says the company, combines copy snapshot replications at high speed and disk-to-disk backup processes with traditional tape in a single solution.

It is important to note that, as the broad relationship between CommVault and NetApp, the company and its partners will sell the CommVault IntelliSnap solution for NetApp with NetApp storage through a single transaction, opening the way which allows to be adding CommVault software modules to NetApp customers.

The close relationship between CommVault and NetApp is also based on the success of CommVault Backup Appliance with NetApp, which integrates software CommVault with storage E-Series NetApp to offer a solution for data protection tailored and pre-configured.

CommVault announced an interactive webinar on Friday 29 January at 12:30 hours focused on operating, installation, support, licensing and integration of CommVault Intellisnap for NetApp. Those interested can register at

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