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Availability, infrastructure and support resources to determine the choice of a good provider cloud

Availability, infrastructure and support resources to determine the choice of a good provider cloud

Today the services that are most demanded Spanish companies are the provider cloud hosting business applications and solutions with managed approach in the field of SME services and infrastructure as a service in large companies.

The cloud raises three types of challenges to businesses, strategic, operational and personnel. Choosing a cloud computing environment suitable for the organization goes through to determine the implementation of a private, public or hybrid cloud and face a consolidated security policy.

According to Gartner, by 2015 more than 20% of all cloud services consumed by service providers internal or external cloud. In this context, Rosalia Arroyo, Chief Editor of, met with Juan Jose Rey, Director of Sales Sarenet, and Javier Martinez, Technical Director NetApp to discuss market developments cloud and bets are doing Spanish companies.

Sarenet plans to increase turnover by 8% this year and around a 25% share of cloud services channel hand. Historically the company has been a hosting provider and in this intone has evolved a packaged solutions. Currently the company is working with the fourth generation of its cloud platform and moving to converged architectures.

NetApp’s strategic vision of a hybrid cloud model. The company has partnerships with international and local companies seeking to offer flexible choices based on their needs, volume and characteristics of the data and the type of applications. For this, the manufacturer is leveraging Flash technology and support for a model of powerful data management.

One of the key issues for companies to be competitive today is choosing a good cloud provider. Juan Jose Rey, Director of Sales Sarenet, points out the importance of support from the point of view of the service provider. “This has been a distinguishing feature of our company forever. The offer managed services tends to standardize much so that the differentiation between large and small is becoming smaller and eventually the component of care and support, ie, human intervention when problems arise, is particularly important, “he explains the manager.

More and more critical these services and is key also choose a provider that provides guarantees availability and sufficient resources to meet infrastructure. “It’s not just about having the machines deployed in the datacenter (CPD), but they are available, next -such as demand legislation right now-and attended by company personnel,” says King.

For his part, Javier Martinez, Technical Director NetApp defends a hybrid model of infrastructure. “We promote the ease of moving between alternatives and is a dynamic choice, but also consider very important the closeness of having a provider who can talk and with whom we can agree even service levels. This has a very important value. We collaborate with the big players like Amazon and Azure, which play a role, but for Spanish medium enterprises end up having that close advice is essential, “highlights the technical manager.

NetApp argues that there must be several options for storing data, as there will be data that no problem can go to the public cloud and others from requirements of the Data Protection Act, issues of confidentiality and trust of customers required to be in a CPD in Spain, controlled companies know where your rack.

“In Sarenet there are customers who will see their CPD once a month. Companies still have that level of mistrust still what’s behind the cloud, they need to see that the cloud is supported by something real, “says King.

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