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A few months ago we have been talking about Rackspace, a company that provides frontline cloud services and hosting to many of the largest companies in the world. The company, located in Texas (United States), has data centers in many parts of the world and has one of the best customer service in the world of technology. In addition to all that we have counted, today we offer the option to test yourselves Rackspace service. Only have to enter this link and tell the company why they should be considered for this test.

In addition to obtaining a test four months worth $ 1,000, you may also experience the Zealot Support Rackspace, one of its best features.

Moreover, people Rackspace believes both its service call Fanatic Support. This note can learn all about the procedures and response times Rackspace support. The ‘Rackers’ nickname employees and company experts are fervent believers in providing customer service beyond the provisions of any service agreement.

The philosophy of fan support comes from a totally unrelated to the technology industry person. David Bryce, the president of a company toilet, came to Rackspace to implement the techniques and knowledge to provide a level outside series. And after taking over as vice president of customer support Rackspace, the organization became a leader in that category.

But at the end, we are talking about a company in the cloud. Rackspace has one of the most complete market portfolios. Its cloud administered is market leader and has options for any size company with different and unique needs. Moreover, ENTER.CO is Rackspace.

If your organization is in the business of selling goods online, Rackspace has a solution that fits your needs. Commenting on the latest cyber Monday made a note on the advantages Rackspace cloud when selling online. Competition in e-commerce is fatal, because the consumer can go to your store in a second. Therefore, you have to ensure an uninterrupted experience, to convey security and transaction security. Rackspace is compatible with major e-commerce platforms in the world of technology.

And beyond servers, bandwidth and other technical issues, Rackspace understands the needs of the end user. Realizing the ‘mobile bingeing’ or the tendency of users to shop anytime, anywhere, Rackspace is helping its customers to have the best technology and thus anticipate market trends.

But sometimes, all this is only text in a digital paper that many can not prove. So, thanks to Rackspace, we can provide a test for yourselves are witnesses to what the company offers.

To have the opportunity to have a four-month trial, you only have to go to this page and complete the form. Rackspace decide which are the most striking cases to give them a test. They just have to encourage Rackspace to give them a four-month trial, a value of $ 250 a month, with a striking and innovative proposal.

The test is yet. On the site you can see Rackspace including this test. They’ll have the fan support and Rackspace Managed Cloud. It is a great offer and do not hesitate to forward your proposal. We will contact the winners directly to the test after evaluating the proposals of the candidates.

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