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Since the World Wide Web was created, resources have become more accessible and flows of information circulating on the Net continues to grow. However, the content of this information has not always advanced in the right direction and many people have quickly learned to abuse these resources.

The “Spam” (the term ‘spam’ is also used) refers to the sending of mass unsolicited email.

The term “spam” is used to describe the sending of bulk emails (mostly advertising) to recipients who do not request them and whose addresses usually are achieved through Internet. The word “spam” (spam) comes from the name of canned meat sold by the company Hormel Foods. The association of this word with abusive emails comes from an episode of Monty Python (Monty Python’s famous spam-loving Vikings) series that takes place in a restaurant whose specialty is Spam. In this episode, each time a customer ordered another dish, the other customers begin to sing in chorus “spam spam spam spam spam …” so high that the poor client can not be heard.

People who send mass e-mails are called “spammers”, a word that now has a pejorative connotation.

The main purpose of spam is to advertise the lowest price through the “junk mail” or “excessive multi-sending” (EMP).

Spammers sometimes say, in bad faith, that the recipients were registered voluntarily in its database and receive emails that are easy to remove because, after all, is an environmentally friendly way to advertise.

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