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QoS WAN optimization solution

Wifidom Nomadix announced that his client launches a new QoS solution for WAN optimization appliance with Alloc8, a device that allows you to optimize network performance.

There are two variants of this device, the DPI Alloc8 X4000, and X6000 Alloc8 DPI, and each differs from the others in the bandwidth they can handle, which is a function of price: between 200 Mb and 1 GB (with breaks 100 in 100Mb) for X4000, and 1 to 2.5 GB (with breaks 250 in 250 Mb) for X6000.

If we choose a particular model, a posteriori we can expand (paying, of course) functionality.

Both ranges QoS WAN optimization solution to help manage the network via two selectable criteria: control bandwidth per device or application.

In the first case, it is assigned to each device connected to the network for a given bandwidth, thus ensuring that no one can get out of certain parameters “stealing” bandwidth to others in a point in time, it can be very necessary.

It can provide even the grouping together of the devices belonging to a particular user that will share bandwidth.

However, this QoS WAN optimization solution is a system that suffers from a problem that is fixed in the second method, control of bandwidth per application, because what the software appliance is to examine the needs of each application and assign the corresponding bandwidth.

The problem with this system is that an appliance may end up “stealing” a lot of bandwidth to others.

That is why the QoS appliances incorporate Nomadix and allow you to select either of the two methods, to allow us to choose the policy that best suits our needs and practices of our users.

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