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Protect your data with encryption technology Sophos

The proposed regulation of data protection in the EU will require organizations to protect personal data. Encryption solutions are the best way to comply with the law. In Sophos we offer the most complete solution for encryption; a system of data protection available on multiple platforms and devices that does not slow down the work of its members.

Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise Encryption is currently the most comprehensive encryption solution available for protecting data in a variety of devices and operating systems. In addition to providing unprecedented data protection, our encryption solution has been created to fit the workflow and processes of your organization, without slowing productivity.

So whether your data resides on a laptop computer, a mobile device or share them via email or through the cloud, always you have the assurance that they are encrypted.

SafeGuard Enterprise also includes centralized management of Microsoft BitLocker and FileVault Apple to provide simplified deployment and administration across the enterprise. In addition, users can view and edit encrypted documents on their mobile devices, enabling safe collaboration from any location. It all adds a solution offering unique encryption.

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