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Cloud, beyond technological reasons, has many strategic and financial arguments that make it a viable option. The concept of the cloud allows companies, whether or not technology, to focus on their core competence, leaving the areas of support in the hands of specialists. The theory of ‘core competencies’ was created by Gary Hamel and Prahalad C.K and is part of the current on strategy that governs today in many of the offices in the world. For example, if a company is dedicated to making clothes, you do not have to invest time and resources in the implementation of a data center. Your focus should be on its core business, the design and manufacture of garments.

Supporting strategic theory, the cloud has financial reasons for its adoption. Although the concept of the cloud there long ago, was until recently that really brought significant financial benefits. Organizations can replace the capital investments with monthly expenses. Instead of having to invest a million dollars to set up a data center, a company can pay a monthly fee to have the latest equipment available. This allows release that money to make more strategic investments, such as hiring qualified personnel to do an advertising campaign and gain more market share.

The cloud also has important technological benefits. The cloud provider, to provide a service, is required to remain competitive. Therefore, almost always have the latest technology available to its customers. This is an incredible advantage, because for the same monthly price, companies will always be up to date, technologically speaking, without having to make new capital investments.

These three reasons show some benefits of the cloud. Rackspace offering dedicated hosting is one of the most competitive in the market. With the highest levels of performance and detailed monitoring and compliance requirements, Rackspace is the IT solution for large companies such as Bluetooth SG, an organization that oversees this communication protocol. “We are very close to having 100% of ‘uptime’. We’re still releasing patches, but the site seems to always worked because if it falls, Rackspace immediately solve the problem, “said Brandon Nott, coordinator of online programs Bluetooth SG.

This goes hand fan support is a pillar within the company. Dedicated hosting plans are perfect for a high traffic website (ENTER.CO is hosted on Rackspace servers), applications ‘legacy’ or large e-commerce stores. Rackspace has data centers in various parts of the world, which allows entrepreneurs choose where to host your data, something that has become increasingly important in recent years by issues of jurisdiction.

Dedicated hosting service allows CTO or managers of technology companies are always control what happens in the data center. Rackspace has monitoring and management tools, as well as consultants for the implementation of future solutions. The first 2 TB of data transmission are free, a factor that is measured in detail so there are no hidden costs in this section. Also it has experts in information security available every day of the year at any time, because you never know what time you can have an attack or vulnerability.

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