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Corporate technology no longer lower the cloud

ess than 10 years, most of the corporate and government segments, worldwide, were not enough to envision luxury as a CRM (effective solution for managing customer relationships) or Big Data (how to make handling intelligent information), because they were considered privileges few companies operating in technologically highly developed countries.

However, for some time, the situation has not only changed favorably, but has put on the table a list of high-of quality- firms competing for this market is now rooted in the Cloud or Cloud Computing, it becomes a different business model, in which applications and software offered as a service, which you only pay what you consume, without schemes traditional licensing requiring purchase permits costly use, lifetime and generally more robust than the real needs of enterprises.

Although still somewhat nascent cloud service Interestingly advances in the world. In fact, the company argues that there RapidScale 2,400 million people who already use some software as a service; a third of the budget of Intelligent Technologies (IT) in midsize companies is intended to cloud and in 2020 four out of five small businesses will be incorporated into this application.

In Latin America, the company IDC, this market exceeds 300 billion dollars a year, and particularly in Colombia, market adaptation to cloud is the most advanced in Latin America, in licensing on demand (SaaS, Service as a Software).

In a survey by Avanxo (service specializing in cloud computing company) among 800 executives of national companies in the IT industry, some of the best positioned companies in the country are: Google,, Amazon Web Services and ComWare, which stands at the state and educational segment.

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