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Apple and data protection

This week has started an interesting debate in which several sensitive elements are mixed: terrorism, the security of a country and firm position now-up to a company with respect to the protection of user data.

The issue is this: last December in San Bernardino (California, USA) a married couple shot coworkers and killed 14 people. Attackers Syed Farook and Tashfeen Rizwan Malik, suspected supporters of the Islamic State, were shot by police while fleeing. In the vehicle Farook found an iPhone.

This week a judge ordered Apple to help the FBI to unlock the phone in question to access your information. The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, wrote an open letter in which he refuses to order. He said it would be a decision “unprecedented” and “security threat” to its customers, with “implications that go far beyond the legal framework of this case.”

Other technology giants like Google and WhatsApp supported, through its CEO, the position of the company founded by Steve Jobs. Now the Justice Department has asked a court order to force Apple.

The proposed discussion is very interesting. Should we create a tool to break the security measure phone? Will companies be protected without regard to all its users, even if they are criminals? What if that tool is used in a manner not adequate or falls into the hands of criminals? For many, being such a sensitive issue as terrorism, Americans turn against Apple. Let’s wait.

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