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Advantages of your CRM is hosted in the cloud.

In the market there are two types of CRM (taking into account the base from which the information is collected) those working in the cloud have access to information from any device with an Internet connection and desktop version, which only you can access on devices in the CRM software is installed. The latter retreated from the advantages offered by the online versions on local implementation.

Although there are still companies that are working with CRM desktop (desktop) version, the trend is toward web versions taking into account the direction of technology today. This does not mean that the fixed versions malfunction or have obvious flaws, but comparatively, have various shortcomings affecting the efficiency of a company.

Here we will discuss the main advantages of a CRM works from the cloud so that eventually you will be able to make the best decision when implementing a new CRM in your business:

Only requires an Internet connection.

The desktop CRM software are to be installed as any other program on your computer, therefore the teams that you are only implemented is limited. An online CRM will allow access to all information through an account from any computer, anywhere, as if you were entering your email. A simple technical requirement; Internet connection.

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